In the Maison du Tourisme de l’Ardenne Namuroise (Tourist Office) you can get all information on the region.
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A small selection out of the extended offer

Vresse-s-Semois with a.o. the village of Laforêt, one of the most beautiful villages in the Walloon provinces. You can cross the river Semois on the unique summerbridge Pont de Claies made of branches and twigs.

Gedinne with the Tour du Millénaire, a watch-tower with a hight of 60 m looking over the natural reserve of La Croix Scaille, with a.o. possibility to pratice ski cross-country.

Bièvre, and its watermills, the classified fieldchapel Notre-Dame de Bon Secours in Oizy and the well of St.-Furcy te Bellefontaine…

The Semois and its many meanders and surprising views, the ideal place for kayaking.

The castle in Bouillon, the slatequarries Au Coeur de l’Ardoise in Herbeumont and Ardoisalle in Alle-s-Semois, Redu the village of books, Transinne with its Eurospace-center, the citadel in Dinant, the enchanting castle Vêves in Celles, …

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